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Friday, February 10, 2006

Holy Slacker, Batman

I've been BUSY!
I went to Winnipeg to visit my husband and I've become addicted to Flickr.
AND I've been working my tail off and haven't finished any projects.
On The Go, however, are a pair of thrummed mittens done in Knitpicks Andean Silk Twist (Poppy Fields colourway), a little person (during the superbowl, and as a little trial to see if I COULD knit a little person on the fly, because I'm doing a seeeeeecret proooooooject.
Next up are a kitty hat in a green that I have yet to find, a kitty hat in a rainbow yarn that I can't remember and still need to buy that's actually not a kitty hat, but will have bunny ears), and ten little people (for the seeeeeeecret) and finishing the pair of mitts for my husband.
And then two more skull hats.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Are those... are those hijackers?

Well, out here, we call them pirates.

It fits perfect and it's good and hot and the little lining keeps my ears good and warm and away from the wind. Blocking didn't cover as many sins as I'd hoped it would have, but I think it still came out pretty effing spiffy.
And now on to my other billion projects!
And to SP6!

ps: Return of the Living Dead has got to be one of the worst movies ever, only 30 minutes in.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Pirate gone done bust my Brittany

Well! I finished the outside of's We Call Them Pirates hat and started on the lining, where you switch over to #1 dpns. I used my brand new Brittany #1 dpns. Thing about those is they're very tiny and a little flexible and a whole lot of fragile.
So I snapped one in half.
Now I just have to hope that Walmart has a couple sets I can buy and that my cat doesn't bite off my yarn like he likes to do.

On the plus side, the hat KICKS ASS. I plan to have it finished soon and will have a massive picture up here. I'm very very very proud of it.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Garbage Town

I live in a slum and not being home makes me fear for my lovely things and my awesome cat and being home makes me fear for myself and makes me lose sleep and I want a bodyguard and I don't want to live in a slum in the middle of nowhere anymore, even though I have excellent neighbours who look out for me.
And I want a deadbolt.
Because what I have right now just doesn't cut it and reminds me of October of 1999 when some penises pried my doorknob off and took all my lovely things and messed up my apartment.

I would like to go home now.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Newest Knitted dealie

Sorry, I can't make it show up.
It's a Kitty Hat!
I knit it in Red Heart Whirly ("earth" colourway) using a pattern from Stitch & Bitch, but the pattern's actually available for free online.
I'm supa happy with it.
Next is a VERY cool hat for ME ME ME in dark grey with red, followed by thrummed mittens for Ainsley at Starbucks, followed by stripe-y kneesocks ALSO from Stitch & Bitch and then maybe I'll see if I can't steal this lady's awesome idea. I'm not telling you what it is, you have to click it. But it's AWESOME!

Next Wednesday, January 11th at 6:00pm - whenever (latest 10:00pm), I'm going to be at the Starbucks here in Whitehorse teaching at least one gung-ho learner to knit. WOO! FUN! I'm TRYING to start a stitch and bitch of my own, but we'll see how the interest goes.
Everybody should know about it.
I DID put it in the communication binder, after all...

Monday, January 02, 2006

I'll Teachya.

I'm so excited:
I posted an official start date for my Starbucks Staff Stitch & Bitch (and learning session.) Next Wednesday (January 11th) from 6-10pm, I'll be at my Starbucks with some spare needles and yarn, teaching people to knit or just knitting with people or maybe even just sitting by myself with my own needles.
The General Manager's in on the action, for sure. She picked the date and time. Hee hee. It's going to be fun to teach people to knit and it's going to be fun to have so many co-workers with a common interest.
And now I'm so tired I could pass out.
(I can't wait until my knitpicks order ships. Yarn for thrummed mittens for a friend and yarn for the stripey knee-socks from Stitch & Bitch!)

Friday, December 30, 2005

For Christmas

Turns out there are fringe benefits to being Santa's neighbour. All those times I shoveled the snow off his sidewalk or signed for packages paid off!
Santa decided to give me:
A Nikon D50 6.1 megapixel digital SLR. (Actually from my lovely husband.)
A Nikon FM with an original bill of sale from August of 1978 and tons of filters and original packaging and a kicass vintage camera strap. (This was from my brother.)
Here's a picture taken by the D50 of me holding the FM. Woo!
I also got a Citizen Eco-Drive watch (also from the husband), all four seasons of Coupling (husband), a $100 gift certificate to Old Navy (from my mum), a tiny die-cast Mini Cooper (from dad), a TON of Blue Bombers gear (from Husband), an Official Packers Helmet Replica and big fancy Nick & Nora sock monkey Jammies (from friends Dave & Shannon.)

And that's literally not even half.

Also this toothbrush: